The Ultimate Fall Picnic


By Palmer Nowak @heartsofpalmer

Pull out the plaid, puffy vests, rubber boots and cozy scarves – this is the ultimate fall picnic.

Set a date with a partner or friend and get ready to embrace all things autumn.

Consider this picnic a true dedication to eating, drinking and living seasonally. This is an opportunity for you to make the most of the gorgeous scenery in the Kingston area and to make memories outdoors before the snow falls.

Most importantly, this picnic is meant to be simple. It generates a feeling of relaxation so that you can take in the moment and enjoy your company, rather than fussing over complicated food or carrying heavy equipment to your location.

The Location

Suggestions for the Kingston area:

Take the ferry to Wolfe Island. Take a trip to the corn maze after your picnic!

Set up in a park

Visit an apple orchard or a winery in Prince Edward County. Call ahead and ask if they allow people to set up a picnic in the vineyard or orchard.

The Goods


The simplest food is the most delicious food.

This menu is collection of classic fall flavours that delivers a truly special experience. Let the simplicity of the ingredients shine and feel empowered by putting together a memorable meal to-go. The total preparation of this menu takes less than an hour.

Something to Snack On

Popcorn is delicious and perfect for a picnic since it is so light and easy to carry.

The Main Dishes – Soup & Sandwiches


Butternut Squash and Apple – try my recipe on my website or save time and purchase a pre-made soup. Keep the soup warm in a carafe or thermal water bottle! Pour into cups or bowls onsite.

Baguette Sandwiches:

Turkey, Cranberry & Apple Chutney, Brie and Arugula (recipe on my website)

Pear, Arugula, Aged Cheddar & Dijon

Assemble and cut the sandwiches at home before your picnic. Wrap them in parchment paper to keep from getting soggy.


A simple bar of dark chocolate is an underrated delight that satisfies a craving for something sweet. For something extra special, support a local bakery and pick up a seasonal treat like butter tarts.

A few tips for putting together your own picnic menu:

  • Pick items that are as low maintenance as possible. Make sure everything is pre-cut and ready to eat before arriving.
  • Focus yourself by committing to seasonal flavours – it will enhance the overall experience.
  • Don’t overthink it! Remember to have fun.


These selections pair perfectly with fall flavours and stay true to the theme of the picnic.

  • Keep warm with a carafe of hot apple cider. Consider spiking it with spiced rum and a cinnamon stick garnish.
  • Rosé isn’t just for summer! Dare to be different by pairing a crisp rosé with your delicious picnic
  • Choose rich white wines like sauvignon blanc or reisling
  • Choose bold red wines like cabernet sauvignon


Fill a basket or backpack with:

  • A sturdy blanket (the foundation of your picnic!)
  • Bluetooth speaker (music is the key to setting the perfect mood! Check out my playlist.)
  • Copper cups/mugs
  • Thermos/Carafe/Water bottle to keep drinks and soup warm
  • Napkins
  • Plastic reusable bowls or cups (for soup!)
  • Spoons (for soup!)
  • Plastic reusable plates or board for serving sandwiches (Avoid bringing ceramic plates that are heavy and fragile)
  • Two garbage bags (one to place dirty dishes into, one for garbage to dispose of at location)


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