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Author: Kimberley Falk

Integrating Meditation Into Your Daily Routine

From the moment you wake up, your mind is a hamster pumped up with caffeine, running its never ending race on that wheel.

You need to get to work on time, make sure you meet that deadline, the babysitter hasn’t confirmed yet, and your car needs to get to the dealer for a tuning by this afternoon.

The National Science Foundation says each of us has up to 50,000 thoughts in a day and yet for many of us, very few of those thoughts are focused on not thinking.

Meditation is important for stress and anxiety relief and is a contributing factor for daily happiness and minimizing those negative thoughts that pop up outside of your control.

If you’re wondering what you can do to help slow down those thoughts and incorporate some meditation into your day, here are some simple things you can add to your daily routine to get you started.

Start With An App-etizer

Smartphones are the centre of many of our daily tasks; use them to your advantage by adding a meditation app to yours. There are apps out there that can remind you to breathe, drink water, and can play therapeutic music to help you sleep at night.

The Mindfulness App and Calm are both great choices that allow you to develop a meditation schedule around the rest of your day.

While You Commute, Communicate With Yourself

Have you ever gotten lost in thought during your travels to the extent that you don’t even remember getting to your destination? It’s scary. No matter how you get to work each day, use that alone time to practice meditation and focus on your mind.

Instead of letting that traffic jam be a chance to worry about arriving late, focus on everything going on around you.

The university student outside walking her dog, the seat belt against your chest, the sound of the air vents and your breath.

Letting your thoughts clear allows you to embrace your day with positivity instead of bogging it down with everything that could go wrong.

When You’re Waking Up

Invest in an alarm tone that will peacefully wake you up 10 minutes before you actually need to get up, turn on some calming music, and spend 20 minutes doing this exercise:

Put your hand on your stomach and take in a deep breath through your nose, letting your entire chest fill up with air and your stomach push up against your palm. With your lungs full of air, take five seconds to focus on your toes. If they’re tense, give them a wiggle and relax. Let out that breath slowly through your mouth. On your next breath, focus on your calves, then your knees, and so on.

Do the same meditation exercise when it’s time to sleep at night.

Try to think of one line/mantra that you can say to yourself whenever you find your stress levels are rising. Even simply saying, “Eliminate the worry” can make a huge change on your thought path.

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