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Author: Kimberley Falk

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In order to start living a healthier lifestyle and achieve your health goals, “you don’t have to give up everything you love,” says Sue Corliss, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and certified Culinary Nutrition Expert living in Kingston, who has recently started a new approach to nutrition coaching and services in town called Homemade Healthy.

Sue believes that in order to truly change your unhealthy habits, it takes more of a gradual approach.

“As long as you are informed on the impact what you are choosing to eat or not eat has on your body, you can make the right choices depending on what works for you,” she says.

With her goal of educating as many people as possible on the benefits of understanding that much of our overall health can be directly attributed to the food we eat and the connection that exists between our mind and body, Sue has begun her Homemade Healthy program by focusing on people who are just getting started on their health-conscious journey.

“As long as you are informed on the impact what you are choosing to eat or not eat has on your body, you can make the right choices depending on what works for you.”

“I offer individual, couples, and family nutrition coaching,” she says. “I come up with meal plans, lifestyle suggestions and supplements based on each individual’s goals. Some people prefer to get a couple of friends together and come to a workshop or learning program, whereas individuals might have one specific issue and want to focus more on their specific needs.”

Sue also offers community and corporate workshops and has a group cooking program starting in the fall.

There are many misconceptions that people have about the foods they eat and how they can affect each person’s body, she says. Many don’t realize their struggles with their body can actually be a sign of something else.

With the Homemade Healthy program, Sue studies the symptoms that her clients are having and then finds the ties these have with their goals and health issues.

“For example, sometimes weight loss problems can be linked to digestive issues in the body,” says Sue.

Kingston has quickly grown into a hub for health-inspired individuals and many businesses have thrived by focusing on offering an alternative, yet still quick, option to fast food and services and activities that promote a healthy lifestyle.

“I think that a lot of people in Kingston are very health-conscious and I think there’s a lot of success out there for different gyms and yoga studios and restaurants. I think I can add to that,” she says.

There are many different approaches to nutrition among other great practitioners in Kingston, and Sue’s focus is on making it accessible for someone who wants to start making healthier habits, especially those who want to learn more about making these changes with holistic nutrition and without cutting everything they love out of their life.

“Holistic nutrition is all about a ‘holistic’ approach, so I look at not only diet, but the mind-body connection, supplements, lifestyle, etc.,” she says.

“It’s a big part of how I come up with plans for people. There are so many factors that come into play with each individual, so I really take the time to focus on all of them to come up with something that will work.”


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