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Author: Kimberley Falk

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The finishing touches are what you see when you walk into a brand new or newly renovated home, and Don Hogan Carpentry’s interior designs are no exception.

Specializing in interior stair and railing manufacturing and installing, Don Hogan Carpentry also builds and installs exterior stairs, aluminum maintenance-free exterior railings, exterior PVC columns, interior trim, interior shelving and closet designs and fireplace mantles.

The business started with Don wanting to branch out on his own three years ago, leaving his job of 29 years in the construction industry. Says his wife and business partner Lorie Hogan, “He even put a new steel roof on our little 10×12 storage shed at our home to help store the overflow of tools and materials from our garage. Within a week of leaving his job and fixing up the shed, we quickly realized it would never work.”

Don’s reputation in the stair and railing industry far exceeded his expectations. With only word of mouth as advertising, the start-up business quickly swelled in demand.

“His phone never stopped ringing from the time he turned it on,” says Lorie. “He quickly grew and trained a team and secured a 1250 sq. ft workshop with an office and doubled that in the next year.

We currently have six full-time employees not including Don, myself and our daughter, Eva,” she adds.

With an impeccable attention to detail and an “old school” hands-on method of design, the small business feel of Don Hogan Carpentry keeps Don and team in control of the quality and craftsmanship that must go into every piece, ensuring his name continues to build a stronger reputation with each project.

“Stairs and railings in your home are a showpiece, something you want to last forever, so they should be beautiful and suit your personal decorating style,” she says. “There are so many choices now. The possibilities are endless.”

The variety of projects that Don Hogan Carpentry can engineer are limitless.

“We love doing different and unique projects,” says Lorie. “I never thought I would say this, but I love shopping for wood! There are so many different species of wood. Each is beautiful in its own way, and Don knows which wood will work the best and achieve the desired look the client is going for.”

Don Hogan Carpentry is located in Odessa, minutes to Kingston and Belleville.

“We love the custom home builders in this area,” Lorie says. “We work with some of the best builders who take pride in their homes. Stairs and railings need to last for a long time — if not forever — and with Don overseeing it, they will.”

“We can’t thank our team enough,” she adds. “It is a joy to work with people you can trust and who you enjoy being around. We are a family.”

The Hogan team is excited to continue serving their customers with the quality and dedication they have come to expect from Don Hogan Carpentry.


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