Cubit Housing & Design and McGrath Millworks

Author: Kimberley Falk

Photos Stephen Wild

Justin Tetzlaff (left), Mark McGrath and Philip Dube

A piece of wood can create something both powerful and intricate with smooth craftsmanship that will last for many years.

It was the art of bringing together one of the world’s most readily available resources that launched the partnership of two small woodworking/millworks businesses to put down roots in the Kingston community.

With more than a decade of experience each, and six years of working together, Philip Dube and Justin Tetzlaff started Cubit Housing & Design – named after the ancient unit of measurement used by civilization’s first woodworkers – in the fall of 2015.

“The market for cabinetry was a little low here. We thought since we were close to both Ottawa and Toronto, there’d be an open market for the kind of work that we wanted to do,” says Justin.

For the past two years, Cubit Housing & Design has been working alongside Mark McGrath of McGrath Millworks here in Kingston. Mark realized his passion for woodworking upon starting his career in Hawaii. With an education in heritage restoration and timber framing, Mark has been working in the field for 20 years and has grown a reputation in Kingston for his unique and creative woodworking abilities.

With a plan of officially merging into one business “down the road,” both Cubit and McGrath Millworks have begun growing together at a fast pace, doubling the number and size of their projects.

Focusing on high-end residential and commercial work, and with large projects such as The Duchess Pub on Highway 15, where both Cubit Housing & Design and McGrath Millworks did all the interior carpentry work, Cubit and McGrath have grown a strong reputation, relying on mostly word of mouth and referrals alone.

“Our level of quality and the size of projects we are capable of doing sets us apart, and we each bring skill sets that complement each other,” says Philip.

Mark’s specialization in heritage restoration, Philip’s background in cabinets and kitchens, and Justin’s dedicated skills in renovations and contracting has created an unstoppable team.

“We like to put customers first and find out what their needs and wants are. We don’t just say ‘let us deal with it.’ We want to get as much input from our customers as possible so we can really give them the best finished product that we’re capable of giving them,” says Justin.

When it comes to woodworking, it’s a passion and something that Philip has been surrounded by since a child growing up working with his father who is also a cabinet maker.

“I love that the things we build are things that get used and enjoyed every day in somebody’s home,” he says. “I enjoy working with clients to figure out exactly what that is and how it can come together in their house.”

From small to large, cottage work to fireplaces, staircase to dresser, Cubit Housing & Design and McGrath Millworks have proven that their passion for woodworking is rooted in every project they take on.


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