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Author: Anna Ruck

The Skinny on How to Wear This Season’s 1970’s Throwback Styles

Written and styled by Anna Ruck
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Head to any nearby mall or downtown boutique and you may feel a hint of déjà vu while perusing this season’s styles. Many iconic 1970’s trends have found their way back onto the runway, but in new and righteous combinations. Quintessential patterns, fabrics, and shapes from the era have undergone a modern revival. But the penchant for creative expression remains, so don’t be afraid to mix various genres and styles to convey your individuality. Whether you resonate with punk rock, hippie, or bohemian aesthetics, it’s the perfect time to celebrate this diverse decade with your personal style.

Off the Hook Patterns and Hues

The ‘70s are synonymous with flamboyant flare, and this is evident in the colours and patterns you’ll spot this season. Bold animal prints, bright colours, and fall perennials can be seen on both men’s and women’s clothing. Perhaps it’s something of an ode to the androgynous fashion of the time, so don’t be afraid to be a bit of a rebel and step out of your comfort zone.

Animal prints will help you to channel your inner wild child and pair easily with denim of any kind, always a popular choice in the ‘70s. Depending on the occasion, a simple leopard print coat or sweater can be paired with a distressed or sleek jean and will keep you on trend without much effort. But if you’re not ready to let your inner wildcat loose, opt for a printed belt bag instead. After all, hands-free comfort never goes out of style.

Bright colours are an obvious choice for warmer months, but hold on to the summer season a little longer by wearing a bold hue in the fall too. Millennial pink was seen everywhere earlier this year, but its daring fuschia counterpart has arrived to brighten these dreary days.

Blend the seasons with a striking sweater, and if pink makes you feel a tad too girly, choose a chunky knit that can pair well with a loose-fitting boyfriend jean.

Floral patterns don’t have to wither away with warmer weather either, as fall perennials and motifs of nature are printed on both men’s and womenswear this season. Declare to wear patterns with flowers and petals and bring a little life to your wardrobe by mixing florals with fall favourites such as sweaters and hats.

Black is easy to pair, but you can also look for pieces in earthy autumnal orange or olive-green for a seamless transition into cooler months.

Prairie and paisley wrap dresses in darker tones can be worn with tights, socks, or boots as the temperatures dip.

Whether you add a high-neck top underneath, or an unbuttoned long-sleeve blouse overtop, layers will also add longevity to a flowy frock.

Funk-it-out with Fabric and Texture
As was true in the ‘70s, no outfit is complete without plenty of detail, so add multiple pieces to your outfit and accessorize until your heart’s content. Combining typical fall fabrics such as suede and leather is always fashionable in autumn, but this is your chance to get a little funky and layer on various textures. Velvet, teddy, corduroy, and fleece are not only practical options on colder days, they can be mixed and matched to create an interesting overall look.

Fleece and plaid are once again appropriate for both home and work life and shirts can be worn singularly or unbuttoned overtop of lighter fabrics. Add warmth with a jacket or sweater in heavy corduroy and teddy materials, which can be found on many outerwear pieces this season. Layer your look appropriately by allowing the materials to build upon one another, increasing in thickness from one to the next. This not only creates detail, it allows you to shed or add layers to suit those chilly mornings or sunny afternoon temperatures.

Add a finishing touch with accessories, just as the hippies did, but instead make it a colourful toque, baseball hat, bag, sunglasses or gnarly sock. Options are endless as accessories are made of a multitude of fabrics from lace to velvet and come in numerous colours and prints. Celebrate your inner wild child and let the details make your look truly unreal.

A Slammin’ Silhouette
Tailored silhouettes and relaxed shapes learned to coexist in peace and harmony in the 1970s and the same rings true today. Men’s pants haven’t reverted to the classic bell bottom form but are worn in slim fitting fashion for the modern Casanova. Shades of deep blue, green, and burgundy are instead used to remind us of their colourful polyester counterparts and are simple to pair with corresponding shirts featuring some element of the same hue.

For women, the opposite rings true as coats are oversized and lush in their composition, making it easy to include lots of layers underneath. Flowy and sheer fabrics create a relaxed look reminiscent of easy-breezy bohemian style. Lighter materials are rad transition pieces as well, easily taking you from summer to fall. Combining rich fabrics with light textures is not only smart layering, it creates one nifty outfit.

So, can you dig it? Whether you’d like to dive headfirst into the radical style of the ‘70s or sport modern interpretations, you’ll be lookin’ good as long as you’re expressing yourself. Mix and match colours, patterns, fabrics and, textures, create different shapes, and layer on multiple pieces and accessories. As long as you’re feelin’ groovy, you’ll be turning heads as you boogie down the street.


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