Fall for Frames

Author: Allison Grange

When I was a little girl, it was my dream to wear glasses. I remember sitting in my bed, in the dark, attempting to strain my eyes so that I would need to go to the eye doctor and get fitted for the most beautiful frames.

Yes, that was the logic of a seven-year-old, but it made so much sense to me at the time. My dad wore glasses, some family members wore glasses, and a couple cool kids at school wore glasses. Could you blame me for wanting to look like them?
Unfortunately (or fortunately), the nighttime eye-straining of my youth didn’t work. But, by the time I was about 18, I began to notice that my vision was not as sharp as it used to be. Soon, I was wearing my very own pair of simple, modest, bronze-rimmed glasses.

And, I hated them.

It wasn’t their fault; there was nothing wrong with the glasses themselves. What was wrong was that I became bored with them very quickly. I felt like they looked fine in casual situations, but didn’t look good when I was wearing a dress or sportswear. They didn’t always match what I was wearing. They didn’t have much style. They were meek and bland and when I wore them I felt the same.

So, after a year of wearing them infrequently, I put them in a drawer and decided that it wasn’t really that important to see details on trees or grass or sunsets or people’s faces.

Luckily, since then, I’ve learned a thing or two and matured a little bit. Today, I’m the proud owner of four pairs of frames – each carefully selected for specific parts of my life. Oh, and most importantly, I can see very well.

It’s taken me a decade and a half of trying on, testing out, experimenting with, and learning about purchasing the right frames for my face, personality and lifestyle.

As with clothing, just because a certain style or trend looks great on one person, doesn’t mean it will work well for everyone. Plus, I don’t know about you but I would get bored wearing the same sweater every day of my life. Why would it make sense to own only one pair of glasses?

Now, the last thing I’m suggesting you do is go out and buy 20 pairs of frames. I am the first person to recommend being intentional in all purchases to avoid expense and waste. But, sometimes it makes sense to have a classic, round wireless frame for casual use, and a pair of red, acetate retro-inspired frames for funkier wear.

Are you a runner or gym-goer? Why not sport a sturdy metal frame that stands up to your activity level and looks the part too?

A quick Instagram or Pinterest search for “eyeglasses” shows current trends leaning towards a variety of clear, tortoise-shell, rose-gold, turquoise and multi-coloured frames.

What’s so fun about fall 2018 is that it seems truly anything goes when it comes to glasses, as long as the frames work for your comfort and lifestyle.

Why not visit your local optician and try on some frames today? Not only will you be able to see what works for you, but it will give you the chance to speak with a professional who can suggest frames for your specific needs.

Be open and have fun trying on frames that you wouldn’t normally gravitate towards. You’ll never know unless you try. And who knows? Soon you may be seeing yourself in a whole new style.

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