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Author: Kimberley Falk

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“Makeup is not to mask your face, it’s to enhance your features and your beauty that has always existed.”

Debbie Goulding, Professional Makeup Artist

Strength. Confidence. Beauty.

“Strength” and “confidence” come before “beauty.” These are the three words that hook your attention when first visiting make-up artist Debbie Goulding’s website. Debbie’s passion is “to encourage strength, instil confidence and help women to discover their beauty that exists both inside and out.”

Debbie’s love of makeup started from a very young age.

“From as far back as I can remember, I was always into my mother’s makeup bag, jewellery box, perfume, creams and lotions, and let us not forget the high
heels,” she says. “I guess I was born with the makeup gene!”

She grew up reading fashion magazines.

“It was from those articles and photos that I started experimenting with makeup,” she says. In the early 80s, Debbie attended a fashion school in Vancouver and took makeup and modelling lessons.

“These were all important elements to educate and instil self-confidence in myself. That confidence is now a gift that I am driven to share with my clients.”

Living in Kingston since 1991, Debbie has fallen in love with the community.

“I love all the festivals and events and have participated in many of them,” she says. “I find people are very engaging and show genuine interest in what I have to offer. Kingston is a great community with open-minded people.”

Debbie has been offering her services from her home studio since 2004. She has been approached by several salons for her expertise and services. Her target market is a mature clientele (a.k.a. baby boomers).

“I know this demographic very well, as I am one,” she smiles.

Debbie is also focused on reaching the younger generation of tweens and teens.

“I feel it is important to teach these young ladies how to care for their skin and apply makeup properly, preventing them from developing bad habits,” she says.

“Having healthy, youthful skin is a blessing and my hope is to help them keep it that way.”

The makeup and skincare line that Debbie uses is exclusive to Beautycounter™, a personal care brand that uses cleaner and safer ingredients.

When formulating their products, they prohibit the use of over 1,500 harmful or questionable ingredients.

They believe cleaner, better beauty begins with telling you what’s in their products, and educating the consumer about the harmful chemicals found in personal care products.
What sets her apart, Debbie says, is her “unique ability to see the beauty in each woman and highlight it.”

“I am not judgemental, so my clients feel comfortable and at home in my chair,” she says. “Though I do offer my services to all ages, I am unique in that I focus on mature skin because I am of that age, so I can relate to that demographic and help women feel confident when applying their makeup.”

Although not an aesthetician, Debbie is passionate when it comes to the importance of skin care as part of a daily routine, and often offers advice to her clients based on her knowledge and experience.

“Healthy skin equals a beautiful canvas resulting in easy makeup application and a natural look,” she says. “If someone has a medical skin condition then I always recommend they seek professional help.”

There are many women who lack experience with makeup and proper application. Debbie tries her best to help her clients understand the misconceptions that some women fear, such as: “I’m not attractive enough to wear makeup,” “I have horrible skin, so I just don’t use it,” or “make up is for young people.” With only a few lessons, Debbie addresses any concerns her clients have and guides them to discover the beauty they’ve always had in them.

“I want my customers to leave my studio feeling empowered, confident and beautiful,” she says. “It brings me much joy and gratitude knowing that what I have taught them, could change the way they feel about themselves, and to always know that I am there for them if they have questions. All of my clients are very important to me.”

Debbie’s services include basic skin care, makeup applications and lessons for all ages. She specializes in makeup for weddings and for special occasions. She also collaborates with local photographers providing her makeup services for professional headshots, fashion shoots and graduations.

“I believe that all women are pretty without makeup – but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful.”

Bobbie Brown, Professional Makeup Artist


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