Meet the Makers


Wander with Wool (Laura Swan)

Not your grandmother’s knitting, yet crafted with equal care, Wander with Wool is unique to say the least. Featuring equestrian-inspired style with clean lines, their brand is known for high-quality craftsmanship and luxurious materials such as wool, merino, and alpaca blends. Owner Laura personally curates each piece with custom care. You’re bound to find her at a traveling artisan booth, knitting needle in hand.

Holistic Rain (Kelli Rain)

Arriving just one year ago, Kelli Rain has embraced Kingston’s creative and entrepreneurial community through her business, Holistic Rain. She creates exquisite, hand-crafted jewelry and meditation tools using high-quality crystals and gemstones from around the world. Kelli also leads retreats, events and workshops designed to empower, inspire and support one another. Rain’s niece is working with her clients to create custom pieces using the stones that will support them on their unique journey, and the end result is nothing short of transformational.

Shiva’s Delight (Casey Boyce)

Shiva’s Delight’s products are more than your average lotions and potions. This eco-luxurious brand is vegan and cruelty-free with unique ingredients sourced from the furthest corners of the earth. Maker Casey Boyce can attest to the quality of her ingredients, since it’s she who handcrafts each product. But it isn’t just Casey who knows the value in her brand. You’ll find Shiva’s Delight in exclusive locations, such as the Toronto International Film Festival. A brand coveted by the stars, but handcrafted in our backyard.

Elise Degen Art (Elise Degen)

A perfectionist at her core, founder Elise Degen pours a piece of her heart into her unique work. Her acrylics are brought to life with high viscosity paints, ripe with texture and overflowing with colour. Inspired by transformational women that left their mark on her soul, each piece is carefully crafted in tribute to these inspirational women. Although you can locate her pieces throughout the local community, her pride and joy is in curating custom commissions for specialty clientele.

Britta’s Couture Cupcakes (Britta Flood)

Britta’s Couture Cupcakes is living proof that not all cupcakes are created equally. There is no assembly line or multitude of staff behind this brand. There is simply one exceptionally talented lady who boasts fierce baking skills and a flair for the avant-garde. But, make no mistake, there is nothing simple or small about founder Britta Flood, or her coveted cupcakes. Carefully pairing speciality flavours like coconut cream rum and eggnog has Britta’s loyal clients yearning for more.

Anatolian Legacy (Ceren “JJ” Tinar)

Ceren “JJ” Tinar is the go-to specialist for all things Turkish. Her collection of carefully selected high-quality Turkish towels, sterling silver jewelry and Turkish cultural goods are a staple in the Kingston community. Her passion for extraordinary products melds beautifully with her cultural heritage. A native from Turkey herself, you can believe her products pass the strictest of standards for authenticity. Locate JJ via her online store or immersed within an upcoming Kingston maker’s market.

Warrior Mask (Yara Chard)

Blurring the lines between cutting edge artistry and high fashion is where you’ll find Yara Chard, founder of Warrior Masks. Her masks are meticulously constructed and highly detailed. Yara’s unique talents create a one-of-a-kind artistic piece that cannot be duplicated and expertly embody the heart and soul of her clientele. Looking to ignite the warrior spirit within? Each mask is uniquely crafted to remind its owner of the warrior that lies beneath.

Fetch Woodworks (Samantha Papadakos)

You would be hard-pressed to have a better experience than you would receive working with owner, Samantha Papadakos. Whether commissioning Samantha for a custom coffee table, charcuterie board, or shelving, she displays incredible talent, but will wow you with her impressive business acumen. Samantha’s business is born in collaboration. A symbiotic union of maker, buyer, and raw materials pulled from the earth. The result of such a unique union is what keeps Samantha’s clients coming back for more.

Island Metal Works (Tonya Maggiacomo & Lance Guindon)

Howe Island blacksmiths Tonya Maggiacomo and Lance Guindon work wonders with metal, curating a one-of-a-kind selection of handmade metal masterpieces. These two are renowned for their detailed work created on a plasma cutting machine, built by Lance himself. Talented to say the least, this power couple carefully crafts outdoor and indoor home décor from sketch, to fire, to finish. A specialty trade located right in the YGK region.

Old Country Bath & Body (Jordan Cole)

Artistically crafted bath and body products are a rare find. Gluten free, vegan, or even kosher products can be found in abundance these days, but owner, takes it one step further. These bath products aren’t just luxuriously delicious for your skin, they look good enough to eat. Adorned in brightly pigmented colours and handcrafted to perfection, these products are almost too good to use. Artistic products, handmade with heart, and found right in your backyard.

Cocoa Bistro (Audrey Brown)

Master chocolatier Audrey Brown is known for creating palatable experiences that invigorate both the body and mind with her confectionary blends, but Audrey isn’t your typical baker, she’s an artist too. A wizard over the range, Audrey perfected the science behind airbrushing with cocoa butter. Each handcrafted piece of indulgence is a unique experience. Additionally, she features prestigious services, including the CocoaGram, a customized box of high-end confections with as much personality as the person they’re intended for. Cocoa Bistro truly walks the line between master baking and artist extraordinaire.

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