Winter Wardrobe Pick-Me-Ups

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As the temperatures drop, our moods can quickly become equally frosty. The gloomy and cold weather makes it easy to slide down a slippery slope towards a chilly disposition. But even when it’s grey and dreary, you can beat the winter blues with the help of your wardrobe. Clothing carries with it major mood-boosting powers, and with a few zingy tips you’ll be standing out in the snow with a smile.

Tantalizing Textures

With so many rich fabrics available it can be difficult to choose between them. So, instead of attempting to determine which type of material will keep you snug and happy while out in the cold, simply cheat and incorporate all of them!

Get creative and don’t be afraid to mix and match. Winter is the perfect time to relish in luxurious textures, so bundle up in a range of rich fabrics. Plush materials such as velvet have made a trendy resurgence on the runways this season. Strut your stuff through the salted streets in clothing that is both comfortable and contemporary by wearing sweaters, dresses, and scarves made of lavish velvet. As classic choices such as suede and fur are in style year after year, you can confidently layer textures and swaddle yourself in all kinds of lush materials. Pair a soft dress with a sweet suede boot to keep those toes toasty, or add a fur vest to feel like a fashion queen. Layering textures is the best way to avoid being one frigid fashionista no matter how you choose to combine them.

Cheerful Colour

During the winter months it can be easy to fall into the habit of wearing a dark colour pallet. The days are short, the weather can be miserable, and as a result one shade becomes a particularly popular choice: black. However, introducing some colour into your winter wardrobe is a sure way to combat those drab days. Go against the grain and give yourself a seasonal pick-me-up by wearing a patterned coat, or try something new by selecting a bright, bold jacket. If you’re feeling daring, look for striking selections in red, blue or yellow, or search for playful patterns such as stripes, colour blocking, or even animal print. If you prefer to subtly sport your favourite hues instead, try layering a splashy colour underneath your favourite basics. Choose a bright button-down blouse or turtleneck as your base layer for an unexpected element of surprise that is sure to liven up your overall look.

Radiant Sparkle

The winter season is the perfect time to shimmer like a snowflake, and a little sparkle is sure to lift your spirits. Don’t let those glimmering icicles have all the fun when you can top off your outfit with a final twinkle. Look for layered gold necklaces or stackable chains that suit your signature style. A delicate collection of charms adds a touch of elegance to V-neck sweaters or plunging necklines, and can be combined differently each time. Choose chains of various thicknesses, lengths and links, coupling options that complement one another as they cascade from one to the next. Alternatively, scoop-neck styles and solid coloured clothing will surely stand out with the addition of a sparkly showstopper. Bold bling adds drama to an otherwise plain piece of apparel and pulls your entire look together. Don’t shy away from large rings, big bangles or modern heirloom pieces, all of which will have you shimmering through the heaviest of snowstorms. Whether you select just a few simple necklaces, or a whole fistful of accessories, glitz is always a girl’s best friend.

Although it can be tempting to stay inside and wish those cold days away when it’s chilly out, the right clothing will keep you cheery and comfortable through the winter months. When the key to happiness is hanging in your wardrobe, there is certainly no need to hibernate.

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